The Wireless Monitoring Device

The WMD is a self-contained device capable of detecting and identifying on-line devices of all kinds. It is a passive collection device, using proprietary hardware and software to perform the detection and report online systems in real time to a central data repository and web-based activity viewer.

What it Does

  • Detects all online systems up to 200 feet of the device location.
  • Records IP addresses, device identification, and signal strength for all detected online systems.
  • Records the public access name (SSID) of all wireless access points.
  • Records the number of devices connected to each access point and the change over time.
  • Records time and date of when devices go online and offline.
  • Saves all connection data to a secure server for later analysis.

What it Doesn’t Do

  • Does not interfere with any network functionality.
  • Does not record, inspect, alter, or destroy any actual data being transmitted or received.
  • Does not record, save, or publish any login credentials or security information.

NOTE: The device complies with all FCC regulations and state laws.

The information transmitted by the WMD is analyzed by the Election Crime Bureau Cyber Unit. The Cyber Unit will be able to filter the incoming data to isolate election equipment that is connected to the internet. This information will be displayed on the WMD Master Control Display which can be mirrored on during elections.