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Hand Count

Hand counts of our votes is not new. America has a long history of conducting transparent, efficient and effective vote tallies without the use of machines. Votes were counted at precincts with our towns. Our elections used to be local affairs. With the introduction of electronic voting systems, our elections have been increasingly centralized. In fact, the roles of precincts and towns in our election system has been increasingly usurped by county and state government officials. The fewer the number of officials required to oversee our elections, the easier it is to subvert the integrity of our elections on larger and larger scales.
Hand counts are about more than eliminating the security vulnerabilities inherent in electronic voting systems. Hand counts are about restoring an appreciation for local control of our elections.

  • Same Day Results

    Internet outages and machine configuration errors do not stop hand counts. Simple resource planning is all that is required to achieve same day results. 50 to 100 ballots per hour per team + 600 ballots per precinct = same day results

  • Accuracy

    Public accuracy tests of electronic voting systems are merely for show. Hand count accuracy can be immediately verified by observers during the actual vote count not a staged event before the actual count.

  • Costs

    Hand counts cost at least 30% less than electronic voting systems without even considering the cost of the vast federal electronic voting system certification infrastructure.

How to Use

Step 1: Do Your Research

Study how hand counts work in practice.  The Cause of America website (CauseofAmerica.org) has many materials on its website to assist you in this research.  The website also has evidence of machine security vulnerabilities that will assist you in advocating  for government policy changes in support of hand counts. Even the federal government has acknowledged the security risks inherent in the use of these systems.  Many elected officials responsible for the oversight of our elections are not aware of how hand counts work or why we should be concerned about the security risks inherent in electronic voting systems.  You can help convey critical information to these officials and citizens at large.

Hand CountsMachine Vulnerabilities

Step 2: Training

Go beyond studying and get involved in actually executing hand counts. "Hands on" hand count training is available from Cause of America.  All you need to do is ask.

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Step 3: Launch Advocacy Campaign

Once you have studied hand counts and been trained in how to conduct a hand count, you are ready to be an effective advocate for hand counts with your elected officials.  In order to assist you in your advocacy efforts, the Election Crime Bureau has procured access to a state of the art advocacy platform.  This platform enables you to engage state and county elected officials as well as their  staff with professional campaigns advocating for a return to transparent hand counts.

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Step 4: Conduct Pilots

Once you have the attention of elected officials, it is time to conduct pilot hand counts in cooperation with them.  Either conduct a separate demo with them or conduct a hand count in parallel with the electronic tabulation of the votes for comparison purposes.

Step 5: Tell Us About Your Success!

We like hearing about your successes!  The donors who have joined Mike Lindell in  providing financial support for these efforts would like to hear about your success. In fact, all Americans concerned with the direction of our nation would benefit from any morsel of good news you are able to share.

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