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Legal Strategy

Legal Team

The Election Crime Bureau legal team is not a law firm. We do not keep attorneys on staff but we do have an extensive network of attorneys with whom we work. Our specific expertise is to define legal strategies that have high probabilities of success. To that end, our team is staffed with former judges and prosecutors able to provide valuable legal insights and empower state activists to be successful in their legal pursuits.

  • Lawsuits

    The legal team will monitor election fraud lawsuits and identify those lawsuits with a high probability of success.

  • Court Venues

    The legal team will evaluate courts nationwide and identify suitable venues for lawsuits.

  • Attorneys

    The legal team will identify attorneys willing and able to serve as counsel for lawsuits pursued by individuals or organizations pursuing election integrity.

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The Election Crime Bureau provides legal strategy assistance for individuals and organizations who share our passion for election integrity.

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