Election Crime Bureau



Citizens monitoring election operations will be able to report election incidents real-time via an updated version of the FrankSocial application. Using FrankSocial, citizens will be able to take photos or video of incidents and post their observations in dedicated post streams organized by hashtags.

  • Free Speech

    FrankSocial provides a platform where users can freely express their opinions without fear of censorship.

  • Election Incident Reporting

    Users can report election incidents as they happen without fear of censorship. Election watchers can add photos and video in support of any observed election anomalies. Users can assist with national efforts to monitor our elections by organizing these incident reports according to incident type and location. Election malfeasance evidence can be collected immediately. No more waiting for years to organize and prepare election complaints.

  • Real-time Election Monitoring

    Because election reports are categorized and tagged with location information, the Election Crime Bureau and other election integrity organizations can monitor incident trends real-time using the Election Nexus dashboard. Now we have the tools needed to file complaints and lawsuits in an expedient manner.

  • No Shadow Banning

    Shadow banning, also known as stealth banning, hellbanning, ghost banning, and comment ghosting, is a moderation technique used in online communities to block or partially block a user or their content without making it apparent to the user that they have been banned. This means that while the user can continue to post or comment, their content is not visible to other users of the platform. The practice is designed to prevent the user from realizing they have been banned and creating a new account to circumvent the ban, particularly useful for dealing with spammers or problematic users. You can trust the FrankSocial development team to ensure that there are NO algorithms that will shadow ban users.

  • Fearless Influencers

    Users can follow influencers who fearlessly share the truth, providing insightful perspectives and analysis on what is happening in our country.

  • Groups

    On FrankSocial, join groups to connect with your community and collaborate to educate, engage, and empower voters.

  • Direct Messaging

    FrankSocial allows users to engage in one-on-one or group direct messaging, facilitating private conversations and collaboration.

How to Use

Step 1: Download the FrankSocial App

The FrankSocial App can be downloaded for free by Apple iPhone or Google Android users.

Download Android AppDownload Apple App

Step 2: Create a FrankSocial Account

The first time that you open your FrankSocial App you will be prompted to create a new account. 

Step 3: Configure Your Account

Configure your account to focus upon the information most important to you by selecting your state and featured profiles.

Step 4: Customize Your Profile

Your profile is your "digital face".  Upload your own profile and banner photos.  Write a Bio and add a list of your favorite websites.  Once you are ready to roll, be sure to use the SHARE link to invite your network to join you on FrankSocial.

Step 5: Create or Join Groups

By creating or joining local action groups, you contribute to larger-scale initiatives while staying connected to your immediate community.

Step 6: Monitor Your Feed

Our split newsfeed features two sections: "For You" and "Elections." The "Elections" feed consists of posts from verified Cause of America accounts. These posts cover election issues, positive updates, and state/county-specific election information. Engage with FrankSocial Influencers by following them, tuning in to their broadcasts, and interacting with the voices of truth.

Step 7: Monitor Elections

The Elections Tab encompasses posts from all 50 Cause of America states, ensuring you're well-informed on a national scale.

Step 8: Report Election Issues

One of the most difficult challenges for election investigators are the time delays and lack of organization associated with gathering election anomalies that can be converted into evidence in support of legal actions.

With FrankSocial, poll watchers, poll challengers, and poll workers now have the ability to immediately report and organize election anomalies.

  • #Ballots
  • #BallotTrafficking
  • #Certification
  • #Chain of Custody
  • #Destruction of Records
  • #Drop Boxes
  • #ElectionFraud
  • #Financial Transactions
  • #MachinesDown
  • #MachinesOnline
  • #Obstruction
  • #Poll Books
  • #Racketeering
  • #Special Voting Centers
  • #Violation of Procedures
  • #ViolationofLaw
  • #Voter History
  • #VoterRolls
  • #VoteTally
  • #Voting Systems

By organizing election incidents with one or more of the above #Hastags, your information becomes actionable.